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Machail Yatra Schedule 2018

The annual Machail pilgrimage to the shrine of Maa Chandi,  would commence from July 25  to 5th September  and the holy mace of the Goddess will reach the shrine at Machail  on


Machail yatra

Helicopter Services for Machail Yatra and Hudh Mata Yatra

Heli Services for Hudh Mata Yatra and Machail Yatra : 2018 The heli services for  Hudh Mata and Tri-Sandhya Yatra  will start from 18-07-2018 to 23-07-2018 and  for Machail Yatra, services

Brahma Peaks

Kishtwar Himalaya, Indian Himalayan Regions

Kishtwar Himalaya is described as a small sub range of the Himalaya Mountains, in the states of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. The Kishtwar Himalayan range is of sharp