Tehsil Nagseni

RakasKund Yatra

Nagseni, full of scenic beauty, is located on the east of Kishtwar town, which is surrounded by forests. This place has been named after the Budhist Preacher Nagseen. The route from Kajangal (Kunja) passes through Kujagala to village Bhattan, the Vattaniya Ashram of Milindo-Panho. Village Bhattan and its adjoining areas

CHENAB – Chander Bhaga

The Chenab is the biggest river of this place. Chenab means water coming from China. Chenab name has been drawn from Persian language. River Chenab, Asikini of Vedic age or Chander Bhaga of Kishtwaris, takes its rise from opposite side of Bara lachha Pass at a height of 5100 meters