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Parna mata

Parna, a habitation situated in village Chingam of Chhatroo tehsil attracts thousands of pilgrims from Kishtwar and adjoining areas. A black idol of rare and preious stone of Balashdashbhuja Mata existed here.People of this area are sentimentally attached to this Idol of Ashtadashbhuja Mata in her child-hood form. Chingam is a picturesue place on the Kishtwar-Synthan highway. An annual yatra to the temple of Mata Ashtadashbhuja is organised during the month of July/August every year. It starts from Kishtwar. Devotees of the Mata, carry the holy mace and stay at the temple for the night. A grand ‘Jagrata’ is held during the night. A yagya is also performed for seeking the blessings of Mata for world peace and prosperity. Next morning devotees leave for their respective places after getting spiritual satisfaction and bliss.
Jai Mata Di

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