Hudh Mata Yatra in Pics (Brahma Peaks)

Hidden Bridge - Only way to reach  Dachhan Maa Kali Temple at Dilgoot - perfect sight seeing place Ram Mandir - Googat Shiv Mandir Ram Mandir at Kaikoot Dachhan - Yatries performing Darshan Hudh Mata Bhawan - Kaikoot Yatries waiting for Tri-Sandhya stream Brahm Sarovar -  Brahma Peaks Brahma Peaks Mesmerizing Beauty - on way to Brahma Peaks

Jamia Masjid Kishtwar

The Jamia Masjid of Kishtwar is the oldest mosque in district Kishtwar. It has allready been said that a mosque had been constructed in Kishtwar before 1650 A.D. Masjid-e-Faridiya and Jamia Masjid Kishtwar follow. The Jamia masjid of Kishtwar was one of the biggest mosques in Jammu

Hud Mata – Tri Sandhiya Yatra

श्री  हुद माता - त्रि संधीय    The world famous Brahama Peaks, talking to sky and standing side by side in the nanth nala region of Dachhan, have a series of sites of pilgrimage under its lap. Beyond the last habitation namely Nanth Nala, 9kms away from village Panjdhara of

Shri AshtaDash Buja Mata Sarthal Kishtwar

Sarthal Mata

Ashtdashbhuja Mata (Eighteen armed goddess), an incarnation of Durga has been the chief deity of the Hindus of Kishtwar and its adjoining area from the ancient times. Shri paul, the first saint who settled in Kishtwar, had directed his disciples to worship Durga Mata in the form of Ashtadashbhuja. One of

Holy Shesh Naag at Tatta Pani

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Tatapani, translated from Hindi as "hot water," holy hot springs.  Like most holy hot springs in India, they come with a story:Seven thousand years ago, during the times of the Mahabharata the elder brother of Krishna, Balram came to the valley in the form of a sadhu

Parna mata

Parna, a habitation situated in village Chingam of Chhatroo tehsil attracts thousands of pilgrims from Kishtwar and adjoining areas. A black idol of rare and preious stone of Balashdashbhuja Mata existed here.People of this area are sentimentally attached to this Idol of Ashtadashbhuja Mata in her child-hood form. Chingam is

Machail Mata Paddar

Machail Mata Paddar

जय कारा मचैला वाली  दा ! बोल संचै  दरबार की जय  !! Jai Mata Di                        Jai Mata Di                      Jai Mata Di  "The Himalayan pilgrimages are the oldest organized travel system,

Temples in Kishtwar

Shri Gori Shanker Mandir Sarkoot

There are large number of temples in Kishtwar district. But it is hard to describe all of these. I try to discuss some of these which are in main Kishtwar town and not outside this. 1. Shri Gori Shanker Mandir Sarkoot:- Gori Shanker temple is the most ancient temple of this