College Agitation In Kishtwar

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In the year 1969 A.D people of Kishtwar gave vent to their pent up feelings. They resorted to a strong agitation for the opening of Degree College at Kishtwar. The people of Kishtwar had no other alternative but to resort to agitation. The students came out on streets and demanded

Machail Mata Paddar

Machail Mata Paddar

जय कारा मचैला वाली  दा ! बोल संचै  दरबार की जय  !! Jai Mata Di                        Jai Mata Di                      Jai Mata Di  "The Himalayan pilgrimages are the oldest organized travel system,

Social Reforms and Charitable Organization

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INTRODUCTIONSocial Reforms and Charitable Organization (SRCO) is registered under J&K society’s registration acts 1941AD vide registration No. 2090, Dated 16-4-1994. Its main objective is to do all such activities which are for the betterment and beneficial for all masses especially in rural

Temples in Kishtwar

Shri Gori Shanker Mandir Sarkoot

There are large number of temples in Kishtwar district. But it is hard to describe all of these. I try to discuss some of these which are in main Kishtwar town and not outside this. 1. Shri Gori Shanker Mandir Sarkoot:- Gori Shanker temple is the most ancient temple of this

CHOWGAN- Crown Of Kishtwar

Chowgan - play ground of Kishtwar

Chowgan - Pride of Kishtwar किश्तवाड़ की जान कहूं या कहूं मैं उस की शान । हर उत्सव का केंद्र बना है, सब का यह चौगान   । जहाँ छोटे बालक खेलें खेल, बिना भेदभाव, बिना बेर । जहाँ मखमल जैसी हरी घास पर नंगे पैर करते सब सैर । जड़ी-बूटियां, सब्जगास, देवदार, चिनार वृक्ष आस-पास