Saffron Flowers

Saffrons Flowers coming out from soil The Botanical name of Saffron is 'Crocus Sativas'. Its Sanskrit name is 'Kum-Kum' or 'Lohit'. Kashmiri call it 'KONG' whereas  Kishtwari call it 'KUNG'. Its Persian name is 'Zafron'. It is  popularly known as "KESAR" throughout India. It is produced in Spain, Iran, France, Sicily

Dul Hasti Project

  Dr. Manmohan Singh, Honble Prime Minister of India dedicates 390MW Dul Hasti Power Station to the Nation Dr. Manmohan Singh, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India dedicating 390 MW Dul Hasti Power Station of NHPC Limited to the Nation in Kishtwar, Jammu & Kashmir on 26.4.2008 The Dul Hasti Hydel project involves the installation of

Flora and Fauna Found in Kishtwar

Kishtwar is very mountainous and sparsely populated district. It is very rich in Forest products. The total area covered under forests is 2.44lac hectares. The richest forests of Deodar, Conifer, Oak, Chir and Pine are found on the high mountains and hills of Kishtwar. Birch is found on the highest

All is One

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Kishtwar is known by several names:Samarth Garh                                       Goverdhansar                                                                                Mahakali Garh                                                                         Lohit Mandal                                        Pohie                                                     Cheerhar                                                Bhot Nagar  Kishtavata                                          Kishtwar                                                

Hot Springs in Kishtwar

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Tatapani Padder                                                     तातापानी पाडर Tatapani Renai Marwa                                          तातापानी रेनाई मरवा Puller Nagseni                                                        पुलर नाग्सेनी Kiyar Dachhan                                                        कियार दछन    1.  Tatta Pani  Padder Tatta Pani in Padder tehsil is a famous health resort which abounds in hot springs. The main source of hot spring at Tatta Pani is a pond where in boiling hot

History of Kishtwar

Kishtwar is known by several names: 1. Samarth Garh 2. Goverdhansar 3. Mahakali Garh 4. Lohit Mandal 5. Pohie 6. Cheerhar 7. Bhot Nagar 8. Kishtavata 9. Kishtwar Existence of Kishtwar town and Mandal goes back to Mahabharata time when it was called 'Lohit Mandal' meaning ' a place of Saffron' although 'Lohit' has ceased to be used  now but