Geography and Climate conditions in  Kishtwar District

Kishtwar is bounded on the north by Kashmir and Zanskar valleys, on the south by bhaderwah and doda Tehsils, on the east by himachal Pradesh and on the west by Anantnag and ramban district. It is very mountainous district which lies between 33°.10´and33°.25´ latitude and 75°.25´ and 76°.10´ longitude. It has an average elevation of 1631 meters (5300 feet).

The rainfall is scanty, Climate is generally dry and because of this reason the District has been declared as Drought Prone Area. The temperature of the District varies from place to place. Most of the areas of Tehsil Padder & Marwah remain snow bound for five-six months of the year. In fact Block Warwan and Marwah besides some of areas of Dachhan and Padder remain cut off from the rest of the world during winter. Summer hardly witnesses any rain and precipitation often occurs during the winter season.

Its in the 1671 meters to meters elevation range.This District belongs to Northern India .
Climate of Kishtwar District It is very cold in summer also. Kishtwar District summer highest day temperature is in between 6 ° C to 27° C .
Average temperatures of January is -1 ° C , February is 1 ° C , March is 6 ° C , April is 9 ° C , May is 13 ° C .

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