Saffron of Kishtwar

Saffron is a costliest crop of Kishtwar. It is popularly known as "KESAR" throughout India. Its Sanskrit name is 'Kum-Kum' or 'Lohit', whereas Kishtwari call it 'KUNG'. The Botanical name of Saffron is 'Crocus Sativa'. Its Persian name is 'Zafron'. It is produced in Spain, Iran, France, Sicily and Jammu


K-K(Q)wality I-In S-Saffron and Sapphire H-Having T-Tremendous Amount of W-Wealth A-And R-Resources. Team is  trying their  best to explore the Kishtwar, so the people of Kishtwar and people outside Kishtwar will get an idea about the rich cultural heritage, history and beauty of this wonderful place.