Tehsil Chattroo

Chattroo Kishtwar

Chattroo is a small village on the bank of a river, Mariv Sudir. The place is located in between the two hills. It is a steep valley which opens from three sides. One way goes to Chingam one goes to Kishtwar and one goes to Passerkoot. This route is very

Adventure Tourism in Kishtwar

    Bonjwa, Saroor, Chatroo, Dachhan, Marwah, Warwan and Padder valleys of Kishtwar districts have immense adventure-potential. It is along these valleys that the Trans-Himalayan-Trekking Trails leading to sure and Zanskar valleys of Ladakh and Kargil one side, to the Kashmir Valley, Himachal Pradesh on the other pass amidst breath-taking mountain scenery