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Schools in Kishtwar

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As we know, Kishtwar is the third largest district in the state. Let us see the strength of our educational department in this district. In this post, we are able to see the no. of schools in our district including Primary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools and Higher Sec. Schools of different zones which comes under in District Kishtwar. Names of Schools, Remarks of Schools and also in which constituency they exist like Kishtwar or Inderwal. Nearly about, 40 more schools are proposed for the district. This all information is provided by the Chief Educational Office Kishtwar. 

Government Schools In District Kishtwar

1. Total numbers of Govt. School in District Kishtwar:- 736

  • Kishtwar Zone: 126
  • Inderwal Zone:- 154
  • Drabshalla Zone:- 130
  • Nagseni Zone:- 104
  • Marwah Zone:- 107
  • Padder Zone:- 76
  • Warwan Zone:- 38
2. Primary Schools in District Kishtwar:- 147
3.Primary Schools SSA in District Kishtwar:- 123
4. Primary Schools EGS Converted in District Kishtwar:- 249
5. MPS SSA in District Kishtwar:- 1
6. MPS in District Kishtwar:- 13
7. Middle Schools with SSA in District Kishtwar:- 123
8. Middle Schools in District Kishtwar :- 24
9. High Schools in District Kishtwar:- 38
10:- Higher Secondary Schools in District Kishtwar:-17 

 Private Schools In District Kishtwar

1. Total numbers of Private. School in District Kishtwar:- 61
  • Kishtwar Zone: 34
  • Inderwal Zone:- 3
  • Drabshalla Zone:- 6
  • Nagseni Zone:- 8
  • Marwah Zone:- 5
  • Padder Zone:- 5
  • Warwan Zone:- 0
2. Primary Schools upto 3rd in District Kishtwar:- 4
3. Primary Schools upto 5th in  District Kishtwar:- 26
4. Middle Schools in District Kishtwar:- 22
5. High Schools in District Kishtwar:- 8
6. Higher Secondary Schools in District Kishtwar:- 1



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