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Machail Yatra Schedule 2018

The annual Machail pilgrimage to the shrine of Maa Chandi,  would commence from July 25  to 5th September  and the holy mace of the Goddess will reach the shrine at Machail  on August 22.  The sacred shrine of Mata Chandi, commonly known as Machail Mata is located at an altitude of 9,500 feet in Machail village of Sub- Division Paddar and district Kishtwar.


Beginning 25th of July 2018 the annual Machail Yatra has officially commenced. However, schedule for the Machail Yatra 2018 is as under –

Date Departure Station Time Arrival Station Time
18.8.2018 Chinote Bhaderwah 08:30 AM Kishtwar 06:00 PM
19.8.2018 Kishtwar 09:30 AM Atholi 06: 30 PM
20.8.2018 Atholi 08:00 AM Jawala Ji Temple 09:00 AM
20.8.2018 Jawala Ji Temple 12:00 PM Atholi 01:00 PM
20.8.2018 Atholi 02:00 PM Massu 07:00 PM
21.8.2018 Massu 08:00 AM Chishoti 06:00 PM
22.8.2018 Chishoti 08:00 AM Machail 04:00 PM
23.8.2018 Machail Darshan, Hawan Kirtan Machail  
24.8.2018 Machail 09:00 AM Atholi 08:00 PM
25.8.2018 Atholi 09: AM Chinote Bhaderwah 05:00 PM


Details of Langar Parties for Machail Yatra 2018 in District Kishtwar


S. No Name of Langar Party Location Duration  (August Month)
1 Shiv Mandir Committee Drabshalla 17th & 18th
2 Darshan Kumar Gupta & Party Kandni 18th to 25th
3 Dogra Sewa Samiti Shalimar Kishtwar 16th to 21st
4 Shiv Shakti Sanstha Govt HSS Kishtwar 18th to 19th
5 Maha Chandi Langer Sewa Dal Kuleed Chowk 16th to 19th
6 Satish Kumar & Party Wasser Chowk 23rd to 25th
7 Raju Gupta & Party Zellna 14th to 25th
8 Ujjwal Gupta & Party Kwar Nagseni 17th to 19th
9 AAP Shakti Sewa Committee Galhar Nagseni 11th to 25th
10 Ravinder Gupta & Party Karthai Paddar 7th  to 20th
11 Sanjay Gupta & Party Atholi Paddar 15th to 20th
12 Sudesh Goswami & Party Shetla Mata Mandir Gulabgarh 25th to 31st
13 Babu Ram & Sham Lal Yatri Bhawan Gulabgarh 6th  to 25th
14 Anil Kumar Kalsotra Garh Nallah 17th to 25th
15 Anil Kumar Gupta Massu 9th to 24th
16 Happy Jamwal & Party Sogi 1st to 25th
17 Suresh Kumar & Party Kundhail 25th to 31st
18 Rajinder Kumar Faria Chishoti 1st to 25th
19 Karam Veer Singh Chioshoti Kali Mata Mandir 10th to 24th
20 Bhushan Gupta Hamori 9th to 24th
21 Lucky & Rajesh Gupta Paar Darshan Machail 1st to 24th
22 Jyoti Verma & Party Near Shiv Mandir Machail 18th to 24th
23 Ashok Kumar Pradhan Machail 1st to 25th
24 Mahesh Mahajan Machail 20th to 24th
25 Surinder Mohan Ved Machail near Police Post 25th July to 10th Aug
26 Rajinder Arora & Party Machail near Police Post 11th to 31st
27 Dewika Sewa Dal Machail 12th to 25th
28 Jai Durga ETT College Nagbani Machail near Police Post 12th to 24th


During Yatra few things every yatries should take into consideration. (Read Below)


Do’s for the Yatries

  1. Do carry sufficient woolen clothing as the temperature may sometimes abruptly fall.
  2. Do carry an umbrella, wind cheater, raincoat, and waterproof shoes as the weather in the Yatra area is unpredictable.
  3. Do keep your clothes and eatables in a suitable water-proof bag to avoid your belongings getting wet.
  4. Do travel in a group, with porters / horses / ponies carrying your luggage.
  5. Do ensure that all those comprising the group remain in your sight, lest you are separated from your group.
  6. Do seek an immediate assistance of the Police in case any member of your group is missing.
  7. Do help your fellow Yatris traveling with you and perform Yatra with a pious mind.
  8. Free food facility is available in the entire Yatra area at the Langars.
  9. Earth, water, air, fire and sky are integral parts of Lord Shiva. Therefore respect the environment and do nothing whatsoever to pollute the Yatra area.
  10. Do strictly follow the instructions issued by the Sarv Shakti Sewak Sanstha, from time to time.
  11. Do carry your identity card/driving license  with you.
  12. For Ladies: Saree is not a suitable dress for the Yatra. Salwar Kameez, pant-shirt or a track suit will be better.


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 Don’ts for the Yatris

  1. Don’t stop at places which are marked by warning notices. Walk only on the tracks.
  2. Don’t walk barefoot or be without woolen clothing at any time as the temperature in the Yatra area remains low and changes abruptly.
  3. Don’t use slippers because there are steep rises and falls on the route to the Holy Cave. Only wear trekking shoes with laces.
  4. Don’t attempt any short cuts on the route as doing so is dangerous.
  5. Don’t commence journey on an empty stomach. If you do so, you may attract a serious medical problem.
  6. Don’t do anything during the entire Yatra which could cause pollution or disturb the environment of the area.
  7. Do not bring with you any polythene material as its use is banned in J&K and is punishable  under law.
  8. Don’t carry expensive or heavy jewelry during the yatra.
  9. Don’t overload yourself with extra stuff on steep roads.
  10. Don’t ever try alcohol during the yatra. It is strictly prohibited there.
  11. Heavy jewellery should be avoided during journey.
  12. Don’t try to wash hands/ clothes/ bath in the rivers on the way.
  13. Don’t attempt any short cuts on the route as doing so would be dangerous




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