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MACHAIL MATA – Moto Trail Riding Expedition 2016 by Dr. Naveen Kotwal

The historic, 30 kms long, Machail Mata trail, deep in the western Himalayas, is known for its picturesque settings and rugged terrain. A dicey precarious trail, it runs next to Bhout Nallah, all the way from the road head at Gulabgarh to Machail village. On the 6th of June 2016 Dr Naveen Kotwal, a seasoned motorcycle trail rider, son of the soil, embarked on a motorcycle trail riding endeavor, from Gulabgarh to Machail Mata, accompanied by a filming crew, to trail ride this treacherous and challenging route. Having chosen the traditional approach, the motorcycle trail riding endeavor followed the Gulabgarh-Liundi-Massu-Saoogi-Kundhail-Chotu-Chashoti-Hamoori-Machail route. Battling pain, fatigue and shear challenging technical riding, on an unforgiving mountanious terrain, with night halts at Liundi, Saoogi, Chotu and Hamoori, Dr Naveen Kotwal reached Machail Mata on the 10th of June 2016, the first and the only person to have done so.
Now a part of history, on being asked to comment on his achievement, Naveen said,” the first ever motorcycle trail ride from Gulabgarh to Machail was achieved, with the blessings of Machail Mata, divine intervention, perseverance, endurance and years of trail riding experience”.

Team wishes him best of luck for his future endeavors.

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