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Thakur Kulbir Singh Jamwal dissociation from Machail Yatra

Thakur Sh Kulbir Singh Jamwal
           Thakur Kulbir Singh Jamwal, (Thakur Saab ) the patron-in-chief of Sarv Shakti Sewak Sanstha and sole trustee Sarv Shakti Chandi Mata Temple Chinote Bhaderwah Who manages and looks after the affairs of the Machail Yatra holy mace taken from Bhaderwah to Machail every year has disassociated himself from it In a resolution passed by Sanstha members late night at chinote. It was resolved that there will be no annual holy mace from chinote temple from next year and also demanded to hobble governor j&k for constituting board for Machail shrine at par with Mata vashnavo Devi shrine board . In the meeting members also condemned the role of so called Machail temple management committee which is not being constituted as per norms and alleged brutal attack on volunteers accompanying holy mace of Chandi mata on 22,nd August 2018 when it reached at Darbar . Members also alleged disrespect. To holy mace by management of temple.Thakur Kulbir Singh Jamwal also getting signed from 121 members and discussing at length sent resolution passed in meeting to governor of j&k and Machail temple management president Nek Ram mentioning him so called president in the letter. Thakur Kulbir Singh Jamwal (Thakur Saab ) also condemned role of Kishtwar Deputy Commissioner and SSP for their utter silence in the whole episode .

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      He said that despite early apprehension of incident he had convened administration but nothing tangible was done to avoid situation .He demanded impartial inquiry’s in to the incident . It is pretentious to mention here that Thakur Kulbir Singh Jamwal (Thakur Saab ) has already dissociated himself from the acts and deeds of the Sanstha and relinquished all his authorities and powers in favour of 41 life time in the year 2013 members, Managing/Executive committee. He had also made it clear that the account of Machail temple is maintained and managed by Pt Krishan Lal Sharma of Atholi and other accounts are always under the charge of President. “Because of my advancing age and domestic occupation I am unable to provide the services or devote the time towards the accomplishment of duties and execution of powers as vested in me by virtue of the Constitution/Bylaws of the Sanstha”, he said. Thakur Kulbir Singh Jamwal, (Thakur Saab ) however, had said that holy mace of Mata Chandi will start as usual from Chinote temple Bhadarwah as per past practice and there will be no change in customs/rituals in respect of Yatra. But after the recent attack on Yatra and disrespect by some Machail committee members to holy mace he formally decided to not take Chari Yatra from next year .

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