If you can pen down your real experiences on Travel  or a guest post on Kishtwar , we’ll be glad to have you as a guest author.


  • The content you’ll write will be published with your profile here.
  • With our efforts together, mykishtwar.com will soon be growing into a travel community. So, you’ll be part of a network featuring travel-minded people.
  • From time to time, we’ll be trying to organize meetups and group travel, where we get to know each other in the offline mode as well.


What exactly you have to write?

In Travel niche, you can cover list titles or share experiences of a particular place in district Kishtwar.

In travel list, you need to mention a  set of places and add all the required details. Like, mentioning distance of a place from Jammu / Kashmir or how much a particular thing will cost.

We expect you to write as detailed as you can. Like, how to reach that place, what are all traveling options, how expensive is the food and stay in general, whether or not authority permission is required, and so on.

Needless to say, you need to add pictures, as everyone loves seeing pictures than reading. All your pictures will be credited, of course!



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