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A PEAK BAGGER’S GUIDE TO THE EASTERN KISHTWAR SIMON RICHARDSON Only sharing this data as  information  on All rights reserved to : The Himalayan Club THE FIRST MOUNTAINEERS to visit the Eastern Kishtwar were probably two Austrians, who alter making the first ascent of Mulkila in Lahul in 1939, were interned in India at… Read More »

CHENAB – Chander Bhaga

The Chenab is the biggest river of this place. Chenab means water coming from China. Chenab name has been drawn from Persian language. River Chenab, Asikini of Vedic age or Chander Bhaga of Kishtwaris, takes its rise from opposite side of Bara lachha Pass at a height of 5100 meters in Lahul Sipti of Himachal… Read More »

Adventure Tourism in Kishtwar

    Bonjwa, Saroor, Chatroo, Dachhan, Marwah, Warwan and Padder valleys of Kishtwar districts have immense adventure-potential. It is along these valleys that the Trans-Himalayan-Trekking Trails leading to sure and Zanskar valleys of Ladakh and Kargil one side, to the Kashmir Valley, Himachal Pradesh on the other pass amidst breath-taking mountain scenery comprising lush-green meadows,… Read More »

Tourist Circles in Kishtwar

Kishtwar district situated amidst snow-capped mountains, emerald valleys, fruit orchards, whispering deodar and pine forests with their rich flora and fauna, gurgling streams meandering through lush green meadows, sprinkled with colorful natural wild flowers, create a grandeur that is hard to match. The valleys of Chhatroo, Dachhan, Marwah, Paddar and Warwan in particular have an… Read More »

Kishtwar High Altitude National Park

Kishtwar High Altitude National Park has been declared as National Park vide cabinet order no. 20 FST of 4/2/1981. One of the well-known National Parks in India – Kishtwar High Altitude National Park, Jammu and Kashmir was established in the year 1981, with the chief aim of protecting snow leopards. Located about 248 km from… Read More »

Qilla in Kishtwar

To the south west of Kishtwar town is a hillock where a fort and palace existed during the rule of the Raja’s of Kishtwar. There are said to be built by Raja Kahan Paul. About this place, the European writer G.T. Vigne writes:- ‘The house of the town. After the Sikhs took possession of Kishtwar,… Read More »

Gumpas of Kishtwar

Kishtwar district has the distinction of having a population of about 7000 Buddhists in the upper reaches of Tehsil Padder. Recently a ‘Buddhists Center’ was inaugurated at Gulabgrah by the Buddhist religious head Dalai Lama on 5/6/2010 amidst a congregation of about 25000 Buddhists drawn from Padder, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh etc. According to historians, Buddhism… Read More »

Shrines/Ziarrats in Kishtwar

With the arrival of the great Sofi Saint, Shah Farid-ud-Din of Baghdad along with his four disciples Darvesh Mohd. Yaar Mohd, Syed Baha-ud-din and Shah Abdal in Kishtwar during the rule of Raja Jai Singh, Islam spread far and wide in Doda region, Dudu Basant Garh, mahore, Gulabgarh and Chennai of Udhampur District. Shah Farid-ud-Din… Read More »


A trek of 25kms ahead of Sirshi along the banks of ‘Mariv Sudir’ up to village ‘Hanzal’, the gate way of Marwah is quite exhilarating and natural beauty is at its peak in this trek.  We can enjoy this journey on a horse back also if we wish so, as the bridle path, head of… Read More »

Hud Mata – Tri Sandhiya Yatra

श्री  हुद माता – त्रि संधीय    The world famous Brahama Peaks, talking to sky and standing side by side in the nanth nala region of Dachhan, have a series of sites of pilgrimage under its lap. Beyond the last habitation namely Nanth Nala, 9kms away from village Panjdhara of Dachhan, one finds nature in… Read More »