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Hud Mata – Tri Sandhiya Yatra

श्री  हुद माता – त्रि संधीय    The world famous Brahama Peaks, talking to sky and standing side by side in the nanth nala region of Dachhan, have a series of sites of pilgrimage under its lap. Beyond the last habitation namely Nanth Nala, 9kms away from village Panjdhara of Dachhan, one finds nature in… Read More »


From Nowapachi onwards, the bridal path towards Warwan ascends through dense forest, thick plantation and luhgreen pastures. Horse riding is enjoyed by many on this path as its plain and suitable for such ride. After traveling a distance of about 24 kms we reach Dassbal, a village better called ‘The Gate way of warwan Valley’,… Read More »

History Padder Valley

The Padder Valley is also known as the Machael Valley to some, named after the first settler called Mahu but also the name of one of the largest upstream villages. When Mahu settled the valley and where he was originally from are unknown. What is known is that each major ethnic group has its own… Read More »

Tourism In Kishtwar

To Enjoy the Thrill of  Adventure and Calm of Divinity Keep Update With Kishtwar  This is the Tourist Reception Center (TRC) Kishtwar, located on the way of NH-1B at the distance of one and half kilometer from the main Bus-Stand Kishtwar, opposite to the Helipad . Office of the Chief Executive Officer of Kishtwar Development… Read More »

Machail Mata Paddar

जय कारा मचैला वाली  दा ! बोल संचै  दरबार की जय  !! Jai Mata Di                        Jai Mata Di                      Jai Mata Di  “The Himalayan pilgrimages are the oldest organized travel system, evolved over time by Hindu… Read More »

Social Reforms and Charitable Organization

INTRODUCTION Social Reforms and Charitable Organization (SRCO) is registered under J&K society’s registration acts 1941AD vide registration No. 2090, Dated 16-4-1994. Its main objective is to do all such activities which are for the betterment and beneficial for all masses especially in rural snowbound area of District Doda and Kishtwar, with special attention for Orphans,… Read More »

CHOWGAN- Crown Of Kishtwar

Chowgan – Pride of Kishtwar किश्तवाड़ की जान कहूं या कहूं मैं उस की शान । हर उत्सव का केंद्र बना है, सब का यह चौगान   । जहाँ छोटे बालक खेलें खेल, बिना भेदभाव, बिना बेर । जहाँ मखमल जैसी हरी घास पर नंगे पैर करते सब सैर । जड़ी-बूटियां, सब्जगास, देवदार, चिनार वृक्ष आस-पास… Read More »


Saffrons Flowers coming out from soil    The Botanical name of Saffron is ‘Crocus Sativas‘. Its Sanskrit name is ‘Kum-Kum‘ or ‘Lohit‘. Kashmiri call it ‘KONG‘ whereas  Kishtwari call it ‘KUNG‘. Its Persian name is ‘Zafron‘. It is  popularly known as “KESAR” throughout India. It is produced in Spain, Iran, France, Sicily and Jammu &… Read More »

Flora and Fauna Found in Kishtwar

Kishtwar is very mountainous and sparsely populated district. It is very rich in Forest products. The total area covered under forests is 2.44lac hectares. The richest forests of Deodar, Conifer, Oak, Chir and Pine are found on the high mountains and hills of Kishtwar. Birch is found on the highest reaches. The forests are a… Read More »