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K-K(Q)wality I-In S-Saffron and Sapphire H-Having T-Tremendous Amount of W-Wealth A-And R-Resources. Team mykishtwar.com is  trying their  best to explore the Kishtwar, so the people of Kishtwar and people outside Kishtwar will get an idea about the rich cultural heritage, history and beauty of this wonderful place.

Demographic Profile of Kishtwar

                                                                                                                       District: Kishtwar S.No Item Units Reference year Figures 1 2 3 4 5 (1)   AREA & ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION a) Geographical Area Sq. Kms 2012-13 7737 b) Forest Area Hectares 2012-13 3.31 lacs c) Total Number of Revenue Villages Nos 2012-13 156 d) Total Number of Villages (Inhabited) Nos 2012-13 155 e) Total Number of Villages(un-inhabited) Nos 2012-13 01 f) Total Number of Forest Blocks Nos 2012-13 01 g) Total Number of NES/CD Blocks Nos 2012-13 08 h) Total Number of Panchyats Nos 2012-13 134 i) Total Number of Tehsils Nos 2012-13 04 j) Total Number of Niabats Nos 2012-13 08 k) Total Number of Girdawar Halqas Nos 2012-13 10 l) Total Number of Patwar Halqas Nos 2012-13 43 m) Total Number

Writers and Poets of Kishtwar

      Author                                        Books Krishna Mehta Kashmir 1947 – A Survivor’s Story Jagat Ram Aryan Istghasa,  Kashmir Chalo,  Kashmir Mein hangama-E-Raishumari Kyun ? Kashmir Mein Sazish,  Ye Hungamaye Khuda Kya,  Agro Botony of Saffron Mohd Asser Wali    Tasveer Zila Doda in Urdu,  Focus on Jammu and Kashmir, Zilla Doda ki Adabi Shinakhat, Tareekh-i-Ishat-i-Islam, Farsh-e-Gul, Tareekh-i-Awlia-i-Jammu & Kashmir, Jamme-Subhik Kaeshir

Kishtwari Language and Dialects

Kishtwari language

Kishtwar is the land of harmonious culture. Variety of languages and dialects are spoken in the mountainous terrain. It is an old saying that " चार  कोस  पर  पानी  बदले, आठ  कोस  पर  वाणी  ", means that the dialectical changes take place after every fifteen to twenty kilometers.   Kishtwar is


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From the Kishtwar town, Mandal and Chowgan, a splendid view of a waterfall on the western side, falling down the mountains gorges can be seen. This waterfall is seasonal and lasts till July/August every year again re-appears in February/March During May/June when the snow at its higher reaches melts


The place is situated at a distance of about 12kms from Kishtwar town on Kishtwar-Synthen-Anantnag road. The word ‘Bhandarkoot’ literally means ‘Store room’. An old fort which is in ruins today on a hillock, seems to have been constructed by some local chieftain for the purpose of storing of grains

Jamia Masjid Kishtwar

The Jamia Masjid of Kishtwar is the oldest mosque in district Kishtwar. It has allready been said that a mosque had been constructed in Kishtwar before 1650 A.D. Masjid-e-Faridiya and Jamia Masjid Kishtwar follow. The Jamia masjid of Kishtwar was one of the biggest mosques in Jammu

History Padder Valley

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The Padder Valley is also known as the Machael Valley to some, named after the first settler called Mahu but also the name of one of the largest upstream villages. When Mahu settled the valley and where he was originally from are unknown. What is known is