Navratri Puja Vidhi: Complete Puja Procedure For Households


नवरात्रि 2018: जानिए क्या है कलश स्थापना का श्रेष्ठ मुहूर्त और पूजन विधि वसंत नवरात्रि का शुभारंभ 18 मार्च से हो रहा है. नौ दिनों तक चलने वाली इस पूजा में देवी दुर्गा के नौ स्वरूपों आराधना की जाती है. नवरात्रि में मां दुर्गा की पूजा करने से लोगों को हर

Kishtwar – The Changing Landscapes


Kishtwar - The land of Sapphire & Saffron ! Thanks to my friend Pradeep Parihar and  team of / Kishtwar Ek Jannat to bring this beautiful place on the Tourism Map of Jammu - Kashmir, We are working our ways to make Kishtwar to rise up on the potential levels

AshtaDashBhuja Mata Sarthal Kishtwar

किश्तवाड के सांस्कृतिक जीवन का सबसे बडा केंद्र है यह तीर्थस्थल। लेखिका : मनीषा मनू    जिला किश्तवाड के लोगों की इष्ट देवी व सदियों से किश्तवाड के इतिहास की साक्षी रही अष्टादशभुजा देवी सरथल माता के मंदिर में नवरात्रों के चलते श्रद्धालुओं की भारी भीड देखने को मिल रही है। भक्तगण

Celebrating the spirit of Teachers’ Day : Som Nath Sharma

Teachers Day Special

       September 5th of ever year is celebrated as “Teachers Day” in our country. It is a mark of tribute to the valuable contribution of teachers to the society. It is also the birthday of a renowned teacher, a great visionary, philosopher, diplomat and scholar Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan – the

Power Scenario in Kishtwar – Rajan Gandhi

Electric Pole

Power Scenario in Kishtwar & other areas of JK - Rajan Gandhi Our State has enviable resources which have potential to transform our economy and boost socio-economic development not only of J&K state but of the whole Northern region. Among the major natural resources water will not only generate hydroelectric power

Kishtwar Highway Road to Nightmare – Rajan Gandhi

Landslide at Kuligarh

Written By Rajan Gandhi : What is undoubtedly right of every citizen of India- electricity, hospital and roads , but NH 1B has turned out to be nemesis for agencies maintaining it and nightmare for people of Chenab Valley namely Doda , Kishtwar and Bhaderwah with every passing day . It

Who cares for poors , Why representatives of Kishtwar district are in deep slumber ?

Politicians of Kishtwar

Who cares for poors , Why representatives of Kishtwar district are in deep slumber ? "Kishtwar" , A famous township in chenab valley having its own status and representation in state remain neglected from Independent India . Having hub of tourism and natural beauties in which SinthanTop and Devigol is among

2015:- Another year of stagnated inclusive growth & development for Marwah

  Marwah, a newly carved sub-Division of District Kishtwar J&K, is well known destination in entire state due to its peculiar cornerstone and wound up territory of Jammu Province. This Sub-District is one of the largest administrative entity not in District Kishtwar but in J&K state having more than forty

History Padder Valley

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The Padder Valley is also known as the Machael Valley to some, named after the first settler called Mahu but also the name of one of the largest upstream villages. When Mahu settled the valley and where he was originally from are unknown. What is known is

Computer Institutes in Kishtwar

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There are number of private colleges and institutes in district to provide computer education in various types of diploma and degree courses.1. Silicon Institute of Technical Education (SITE) M.D. Azra Mintoo Estd: 2000Registration No.:-1214-RF/608 under J&K Govt.Students: 550 approx.No.of Staff: Six Infrastructure: 3 Labs, 4 Class-Room, 2 Counseling Office, 1 Head OfficeCourses